Professor Michael Levitt

Professor Michael Levitt 


AIDEVI CHIEF SCIENTIFIC ADVISER                                                                          
>2013 Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry                                     
>Member of the National Academy of Sciences                        
>Member of the Royal Society                                                    
>Professor of Structural Biology at Stanford University             

Steven Ness

Steven Ness

University of Victoria, Computer Science, Department Member

He collaborated with Nobel Prize winner Michael Smith on the Human Genome Project and developed and improved the software systems used in the project.
Focusing on genetics and new supramolecular pharmacology, he has presided over the development and completed the implementation of multiple commercial projects with scientific research results.

Navraj Pannu

Navraj Pannu

R&D consultant

He has made many achievements in the fields of structural biology, mathematical optimization, analytical chemistry and differential equations.
More than 20 years of experience in probabilistic methods, including maximum likelihood estimation, derivation of novel loss functions, and artificial intelligence deep learning algorithms

He has given invited reports at more than 70 international industry conferences and has more than 60 peer-reviewed research and development results. The literature has been cited more than 38,000 times, of which a single article has been cited more than 18,000 times.

Marc Doe

Marc Doe PhD

Chemical Engineer

Help develop new catalysts to increase reaction efficiency of key industrial processes by 30%
PhD in Chemical Engineering from Istanbul University
Design and implement process optimization projects to increase production efficiency by 15% and reduce materials by 20%
, conducted research on bio-based polymers and published two papers in peer-reviewed journals
Led the development of a new sustainable packaging solution that reduced material costs by 10%

USA Tinus Pharma facotry


USA Tinus Pharm INC was founded in 2018 was founded with a single uncompromising goal to deliver the absolute highest-quality dietary supplements to every customer, on time, and at an unsurpassed value. We accomplish this by contributing to the well-being of all, by always providing high-quality natural ingredients, dietary supplement products, and technical services while remaining true to our founding values in every facet of our business.



brand introduction

AIDEVI is an American Brand belong to the USA Tinus Pharma Inc. Whom focus on the NMN / Dietary Supplements Development. AIDEVI NMN18000 is Hot selling in American market and Chinese mainland &Hongkong market .

Responsive & Retina
ur management team has many years of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industry experience. We are committed to continuously meeting and exceeding the requirements of FDA and cGMP regulations. Tinusadheres to the strictest industry standards of quality assurance and quality control.
Partnership Oriented
Whether you have a preliminary idea for a product or a full set of finished product specifications, to partner with Tinusis to partner with an industry-leading management team rich in experience and committed to your complete satisfaction.
Market Oriented
Tinus understands hot products, ingredients, and categories, we are ready to tailor a unique product that will stand out in the clutter of today’s ever-changing marketplace. We understand in our industry, you must have a pulse on the market to provide the absolute highest-quality dietary supplements to every customer.
Technology Oriented
Tinus has efficiently coordinated our state-of-the-art QA/QC laboratory, GMP manufacturing facility, and high-speed packaging equipment to deliver the highest quality dietary supplements at exceptionally competitive prices. We have thousands of formulations that give you access to popular supplements demanded by a vast customer base.


Our endeavor is to ensure the availability of world-class, high-quality nutraceutical supplements at affordable prices, across the globe. We take responsibility for delivering outstanding products and results to our partners and the consuming public and work with our partners to generate innovative ideas within the supplement industry. Tinus constantly works to fundamentally understand our marketplace, our customers, and the communities we serve. Tinus is ready to meet the challenges of the dynamic global nutritional supplement market, with its wide-ranging issues – from research, development, and regulatory conditions. We understand there are purer, more effective, and more potent ingredients just waiting to be discovered. Our skilled research and development staff is constantly investigating all emerging scientific and botanical data in order to formulate the next breakthrough dietary supplement your customers will demand. You reduce costs and increase profits via Vesta’s extensive product selection, quality commitment, competitive pricing, on-time delivery, and flexible manufacturing options. Whether you are looking for an existing product, a new product launch, or a marketing concept, our staff of experts will assist you with all your contract manufacturing needs. Our extensive library of cutting-edge formulations minimizes lead time. From concept to completion, the Tinus advantage can work for you!



Our FDA registered cGMP plant is over 50,000 square feet with state-of-the-art capabilities in contract manufacturing for powder, tablet, capsule and packaging.

In addition to our state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities, Tinus has the warehouse capacity to hold your products until you need them. Let us store it for you in our climate-controlled environment.

We can drop-ship any quantity directly to you, anywhere in the world. Plus, we are centrally located in the U.S. so that North American customers receive shipments faster.


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