Health Supplement Capsule Manufacturing

Aidevi is fully equipped to handle the manufacturing of any nutritional capsule formula. From sourcing each ingredient in the formula to the final packaging inspection; we deliver on our customers' orders with competitive pricing and punctual delivery. With our extensive experience, we can assist you in creating new products tailored to your target audience or discuss strategies for scaling up production effectively. As your partner, Aidevi bring invaluable insights from our long-standing experience in the capsule manufacturing industry.

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Why Opt for Capsules?

Tablets can be tough to swallow, especially for kids and the elderly. Nonetheless, your capsule manufacturer might still suggest offering your product in multiple forms, like tablets and soft capsules. However, in certain situations, maintaining a consistent brand image becomes essential if you aim to focus on niche markets.
If your product line includes items such as liquid calcium or fish oil, soft capsules are a more fitting choice for your selection.



Step 1: Planning

Selecting  ingredients that fit the product concept you have.

Anti-Aging & Antioxidant: Collagen, Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN), Coenzyme Q10, Resveratrol, Astaxanthin, Vitamin E, etc.

Whitening Effect: Glutathione, Vitamin C, SOD, Nicotinamide, etc.

Liver Health: Curcumin, Choline, Silymarin, Spirulina, Inositol, etc.

Sleep: Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, Tea theanine, Ghana seeds, Chamomile, etc.

Selecting methods that fit the product concept you have.

Blending Technique: Crafting the Capsule Mixture

Wet Method: Creating Capsules through Wet Granulation Mixing

Dry Method: Capsule Production using Dry Granulation

To produce these capsules, the first step involves gathering the necessary materials. Once all materials are prepared, they're mixed with hot deionized water through vacuum blending in a machine. Over time, additional hot water, dyes, and opacifiers may be incorporated into the mixture if needed. Once prepared, the blend is molded around steel pin molds to create capsules of the correct size and shape. The two ends of the capsules are then dried simultaneously. It's crucial to monitor temperature and humidity levels to ensure the capsules dry optimally.

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Step 2: Proposal

 Proposing products that fit the product concept you have.

The rigid gelatin of our capsules acts as an effective barrier against oxygen, preserving both the capsules and their contents. Gelatin shells additionally contribute to prolonging the capsules' shelf life. Smaller capsules are not only easier to swallow but also help mask any bitter tastes from the ingredients.

Gelatin Capsules: Derived from animal by-products, such as beef or cattle.

Vegetarian Capsules: Composed of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, a chemical compound, water, and cellulose.

We offer a diverse range of approximately 2500 capsule formulas that align with current trends. Gelatin, a component in gelatin capsules, contains collagen, providing both protein and two essential amino acids: glycine and proline.

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Step 3: Trail Production

Prototypes are created in the laboratory according to the product concept. Prototypes will be up for about 14 days for new requests and about 7 days for re-makes.

Step 4: Formulation Determination

After calculating the cost of bulk production, a suitable container and a box for the product is determined.

Several laboratory tests will be executed in order to confirm container compatibility with the product as well as the product stability. These tests include volume capacity, pump discharging and thermal stability.

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Step 5: Order & Manufacturing

A quotation will be issued based on quantity, volume, trade terms etc. After agreement upon quotation, we will kindly request a PO from you. Once the product specifications are determined and a PO is issued, we carry out the production based on the requested delivery date.

Step 6: Delivery

We deliver products to specified location on scheduled delivery date.
After a series of thorough inspections (bacteria inspection, visual inspection, leakage inspection, etc.), products that are qualified will be delivered to the agreed location on the agreed date.

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