In addition to the ODM service, we also offer integrated services that range from marketing analysis, product innovation, a vertically integrated supply chain, quality assurance, product training, to certificate application. We aim to be the best US supplement manufacturing partner to help our clients enter the dietary supplement market successfully.

Why us?

Established in 2018, our company was founded with a singular, unwavering goal: to deliver the utmost quality in dietary supplements to each customer promptly and at an unparalleled value. Achieving this objective is at the core of our commitment to the well-being of all. We consistently provide high-quality natural ingredients, dietary supplement products, and technical services, staying true to our founding values in every aspect of our business.

Our management team boasts extensive experience in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industries, and we are dedicated to consistently meeting and surpassing the requirements of FDA and cGMP regulations. Tinus adheres to the strictest industry standards for both quality assurance and quality control.

Recognizing the dynamism of products, ingredients, and market categories, we are poised to customize unique products that stand out in the ever-changing marketplace. In our industry, staying attuned to the market pulse is crucial for delivering the absolute highest-quality dietary supplements to every customer.

Our state-of-the-art QA/QC laboratory, GMP manufacturing facility, and high-speed packaging equipment in our factory operate seamlessly to produce the highest quality dietary supplements at exceptionally competitive prices. With a vast array of formulations, we offer access to popular supplements demanded by a diverse customer base.


US Enzyme-diredted Technology (2018 The Nobel Prize)
Advanced enzyme orientation technology has enabled NMN purification to reach levels above 99.9%.

Experience the Synergy of NMN+PQQ
Our NMN+PQQ compound formula boasts a synergistic effect with strong permeability, promoting the rapid growth of intracellular NMN content. This ensures optimal bioavailability, ultimately leading to an improvement in NAD+ levels.

Discover High Purity Resveratrol
Resveratrol, a polyphenol compound categorized as a polyphenol stilbene, is meticulously processed from sources such as peanuts, grapes, Polygonum cuspidatum, mulberry, and other plants. Enjoy the benefits of high purity in our Resveratrol formulation.

Manufacturing Process:

PART 1: Raw Material Processing: After passing the acceptance test, raw material is automatically weighed and moved to the melting tank, where it forms a uniform jelly. Coloring may be added for colored capsules.

Part 2: Capsule Manufacturing: Colored jelly is processed in capsule manufacturing machines, dried, and inspected for abnormalities. Conformal capsules are then packed into containers.

Part 3: Printing, Inspection & Packaging: Capsules are printed for identification, and an automatic inspection machine detects flaws. Inspected capsules are counted, moved to the next container, and stored in a controlled environment.

PART 4: Shipping Tests & Shipment: Before shipping, capsules undergo tests for dimensions, appearance, moisture content, and separation.

Part 5: Capsule Filling: Gelatin capsules are filled efficiently using various machines, involving finding, separating, filling, removing excess powder, and sealing.

The production of capsules encompasses multiple steps to ensure the creation of a high-quality product suitable for human consumption. Manufacturers meticulously adhere to safety and quality regulations throughout the process to guarantee that the final product meets industry standards. Capsules, known for their affordability and ease of consumption, are a widely favored form of medication. They offer versatility by accommodating various materials and coming in a variety of shapes and sizes.


 Popular Series

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5 Steps to Craft Your Personalized Supplements.

1. Specify the supplement you intend to create.
2. Select the ingredients for your formulation.
3. Determine the desired number of servings.
4. Identify unique features that set your product apart.
5. Factor in the regulations applicable in your target selling country.

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