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When is the best time to take NMN for optimal effects?
  • 2024-03-25
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When is the best time to take NMN for optimal effects? 

In recent years, with the deepening research on NMN, more and more benefits have been discovered, such as delaying aging, improving sleep, and reducing inflammation. Nearly a thousand papers have been published in top-tier journals such as Cell, Nature, and Science, validating these benefits with scientifically rigorous experimental data. However, the effects of NMN vary among different age groups and individuals with different physical conditions. Today, I will share some basic knowledge about taking NMN.

I. Introduction to NMN and its Benefits

NMN, scientifically known as Nicotinamide Mononucleotide, belongs to the category of derivatives of vitamin B, widely involved in various biochemical reactions in the human body, closely related to immunity and metabolism. NMN is the most direct and effective precursor of NAD+, and its function is mainly manifested through NAD+.

NAD+ is an important coenzyme in human cells, participating in hundreds of metabolic processes such as cellular energy and mitochondrial health. NAD+ levels gradually decline with age, and NMN is the most direct and effective precursor to supplement NAD+. A large number of scientific studies have shown that increasing NAD+ levels can delay aging, improve sleep quality, enhance immunity, and significantly improve the function of multiple organs, including liver, kidney, heart, and skeletal muscles.

II. Timing of Administration: Before or After Meals?

There are no mandatory regulations or requirements for the timing of NMN administration, and it can be taken before or after meals. According to the reactions of some individuals, taking NMN may lead to excessive excitement at night, making it difficult to fall asleep. This is because NMN can elevate NAD+ levels in the body within 30 minutes of ingestion, activating cellular functions and energizing the body. Therefore, it is recommended to take NMN before breakfast or before drinking alcohol.

III. Dosage: How Many NMN Capsules Should Be Taken Daily?

Data shows that NAD+ activity and content decrease significantly from the age of 25, especially after the age of 60, when the NAD+ level in the body may be only one-fourth of its peak state. The older the age, the more severe the loss of NAD+, and the more NMN needs to be supplemented daily.

Regarding the daily dosage of NMN, various brands have different recommendations with a wide range. So far, no harmful reports related to the use of NMN in the population have been found. According to current research literature on the safety of human consumption, the daily intake should not exceed 500mg, but for older age groups, the dosage may be increased as appropriate.

Based on clinical trials, the general recommended daily intake of NMN is approximately:

- For individuals over 25 years old: ≈160mg of NMN
- For individuals over 40 years old: ≈320mg of NMN
- For individuals over 60 years old: ≈480mg-640mg of NMN

IV. How Long Does It Take for NMN to Take Effect?

Taking NMN at different ages will bring different effects, and there are obvious differences in the effects depending on the duration of use. Different individuals also respond differently to the effects of NMN after consumption. Generally, males tend to experience stronger effects than females, and the perceived effects become more pronounced with age. More and more people have improved their health by taking NMN, but it is essential to adhere to regular consumption for better results."



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