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NMN can alleviate inflammatory skin diseases?
  • 2024-03-15
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NMN can alleviate inflammatory skin diseases.

The skin serves as both the body's first line of defense and its largest organ. Because the skin is constantly involved in the body's functional activities, maintaining a balance between the body and the natural environment, most abnormal conditions of the body can be visually manifested through the skin. It can be said that the skin is the "barometer" of bodily health. In addition to being closely related to various diseases of multiple organs and tissues in the body, the skin itself can also present various symptoms. Among them, atopic dermatitis is a relatively common chronic recurrent skin inflammation.
Relevant data shows that approximately 150 million people in USA suffer from skin diseases every year, and this number is increasing year by year. Among them, the number of patients with atopic dermatitis reaches as high as 70 million. It not only occurs at a high incidence rate in infants and young children but also extends to groups such as adolescents, adults, and the elderly, covering almost the entire human lifecycle.
This condition is commonly characterized by significant itching and dry skin. Intolerable itching can cause anxiety and depression in patients, as well as sleep disorders, greatly affecting people's quality of life. Through continuous research and exploration, it has been found that inflammation caused by oxidative stress and damage to the skin barrier are key influencing factors in atopic skin conditions. And once again, NMN brings us a "surprise", perhaps bringing new hope for the treatment of atopic dermatitis.
Researchers from Wuhan University have found through experiments that NMN Supplementation can alleviate the symptoms of organisms with specific dermatitis by blocking the JAK2/STAT5 signaling pathway associated with oxidative stress and restoring their skin barrier function. Subsequently, this research team also published this groundbreaking research result in the journal "International Immunopharmacology".

For the itching problem that has always plagued patients with atopic dermatitis, improvement can also be achieved under the action of NMN. Skin thickness is an important indicator reflecting edema issues, and the scratching frequency of organisms can also reflect the degree of itching.
According to reports from "International Immunopharmacology", NMN Supplements is a molecule that can increase the level of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+), which improves inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema. Researchers have shown that local application of NMN can prevent eczema-like symptoms by blocking ROS, including skin lesions, itching, rash, and mouse water loss. Because eczema and normal skin aging share common symptoms, these findings suggest that local NMN can treat eczema and age-related skin inflammation.
I. NMN can prevent skin damage caused by inflammation
Researchers induced skin inflammation in mice chemically to establish a mouse model of eczema. Untreated eczema model mice exhibited severe skin lesions, itching, rash, and scales. Local application of NMN significantly alleviated these symptoms in these mice.
Normal skin aging and eczema have several cellular processes and skin symptoms, including excessive ROS and water loss. ROS are a class of highly reactive oxygen molecules that, if not neutralized by antioxidants, directly damage cells. ROS damage cells that form the skin's protective barrier and promote inflammation.

II. NMN can reduce ROS and inflammation molecules
Research by Japanese researchers indicates that NMN can reduce ROS and inflammation molecules while increasing the natural (endogenous) antioxidant levels in eczema model mice. NMN treatment can also increase the proteins involved in skin barrier function. In addition, NMN treatment can reduce skin water loss, which is a common symptom of skin aging, leading to dryness. These findings suggest that NMN can not only reverse various aspects of eczema but also reverse normal skin aging.

NAD+ is an essential molecule that mediates energy production and fuels enzymes with key cellular functions such as DNA repair. Cells use NMN to synthesize NAD+, thereby increasing its concentration. Researchers have shown that NMN can reduce ROS, indicating that NAD+ can alleviate the damage caused by excessive oxidative stress ROS to cells.

Can AIDEVI NMN reverse skin aging?
Skin aging is related to excessive ROS and oxidative stress, accelerated by environmental factors such as ultraviolet (UV) radiation and air pollution. Therefore, treatments that limit oxidative stress can be assumed to slow down or prevent skin aging. Animal studies suggest that AIDEVI NMN can slow down accelerated skin aging by preventing UV radiation and intestinal bacterial dysfunction. NMN can also protect skin cells from damage caused by particulate matter, which is often present in polluted air.
It is worth noting that these and other studies suggest that AIDEVI NMN acts by limiting ROS and oxidative stress, indicating that NMN is one of the fundamental causes of skin aging.



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