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AIDEVI is a renowned American brand dedicated to providing high-quality nutritional supplements, including NMN products.We will explore the essence and services of the AIDEVI brand, as well as discuss the business opportunities and franchise programs available for those interested in joining this successful global brand.

Brand Essence:

The AIDEVI brand is known for its commitment to excellence and innovation. With years of research and development, they focus on delivering nutritional supplements to help individuals achieve healthy and fulfilling lives. The brand essence emphasizes scientific research and quality control to ensure the effectiveness and safety of their products.

Service Offerings:

1.NMN Products: AIDEVI offers a range of NMN products as part of their service offerings. NMN is a compound believed to have potential benefits for health and longevity. It is thought to support cellular energy, DNA repair, and metabolism, aiding individuals in achieving optimal health.

2.Nutritional Supplements: In addition to NMN products, AIDEVI provides various nutritional supplements to cater to diverse needs. These products may include vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, protein supplements, and more, aiming to offer comprehensive nutritional support and promote overall well-being.

Franchise and Business Opportunities:

As a well-established brand, AIDEVI welcomes franchisees and partners worldwide to join their team. Joining AIDEVI can provide the following opportunities:

1.Leveraging the brand recognition and reputation of AIDEVI, enjoying a competitive edge in the nutritional supplement industry.

2.Participating in AIDEVI's research and innovation, collaborating with a professional team to develop new products and solutions.

3.Benefitting from AIDEVI's global sales and distribution network, expanding market share and business scalability.


AIDEVI brand stands out as a renowned American brand, offering high-quality nutritional supplements with a particular focus on NMN products. Their brand essence emphasizes scientific research, quality control, and customer satisfaction. AIDEVI welcomes franchisees and presents attractive business opportunities for individuals seeking to invest in the nutritional supplement industry, promoting commercial success and enhancing people's healthy lifestyles.


The production concept of "scientific, rigorous, innovative and safe" Enterprise spirit consistently adhered to by the enterprise

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